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What Wendy Rieger learned from Washington

From the get-go in her profession as a TV journalist in Washington, Wendy Rieger covered a vigil by the loved ones of two men whose plane had disappeared. The gathering set up camp at a metropolitan air terminal for a long time, and Rieger got to know them during her …

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Omicron drives new cases to record levels around the world

Covid cases are being accounted for at record levels all over the planet — outperforming even the previous winter’s staggering top in certain spots  as authorities wrestle with a flood brought about by the omicron variation. France recorded in excess of 104,000 new cases Saturday, arriving at a six-figure every …

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Inside Turkey’s incredible underground city

It’s a scene that looks practically outsider. Delicate tufa rock heaved from volcanoes centuries prior to make a progression of ethereal pixie fireplaces that have been formed and etched commonly. Transcending the Anatolian Plains of focal Turkey, this memorable district is assigned as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting great …

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Biden signs bill banning goods from China’s Xinjiang over forced labor

US President Joe Biden on Thursday endorsed into law regulation that restrictions imports from China’s Xinjiang area over worries about constrained work, the White House said, inciting an irate Chinese judgment. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act is important for the US pushback against Beijing’s treatment of China’s Uyghur Muslim …

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